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Ultrasonic Calorimeters with M-BUS are used to measure the physical flow of energy used for heating, for example in residential house with heating systems. The installation of ultrasonic Calorimeters with M-bus can also be recommended for metering the energy consumption of different user groups in one building.
We install the  Ultrasonic Calorimeters with M-bus which allow accurate heat metering according to standards. Our ultrasonic Calorimeters with M-bus realize the long distance reading through centralized systems. Our ultrasonic Calorimeters with M-Bus can also be upgraded with modular radio technology. With this technology, all measured data are automatically sent to our data centre via a secure radio net.

DN20 mechanical heat meter with M-BUS is one kind of small sized meter but very popular. Usually speaking, the mechanical heat meters have all kinds of different sizes like mechanical heat meter DN15, DN20, DN25 and etc. DN20 mechanical heat meter with M-BUS is for residential use installation. Generally speaking, DN20 mechanical heat meters are installed at residential house. At the same time, the DN20 mechanical heat meters with M-BUS have the function of long time distance reading meters. At present, DN20 mechanical heat meter with M-BUS is very welcomed items for installation since the sizes are middle sizes for house buildings.

We are specializes in Energy meter Printed circuit board technology research. Ten years of industry experience, professional and technical team, thousands of cases of successful technology, created the Berggruen Technology Co.,Ltd invincible position in the industry.

This Printed Circuit Board chip thermal (cold) is the digestion and absorption of German scale heat meters, water meters, and innovative, independent research and production of heat meters and water meters. High accuracy, good stability, long life, operation prompt, simple and practical. The product can be measured heating and air conditioning cold, but also offers a variety of remote communication module for users to choose in order to facilitate intelligent office needs, property management to enhance the efficient, accurate, intelligent and personalized.

Brass Single Jet Vane Wheel Dry Type Water Meters are types of  pure mechanical simple water meters. These single jet water meters have the charateristics of small nice appearance and high capacity value rate,protecting cover available as demanded. The remote transmission device can be added. The brass single jet water meters are very popular in Markets because of their economical costs,easy installation and low costs maintenance. 

APPLICATION: Measuring the volume of portable water passing through the pipeline.
WORKING CONDITION: Water temperature: ≤40°C or ≤90°C, Water pressure: ≤1.6Mpa
FEATURES: Dry-dial, Single-jet, Magnetic transmission and magnetic shield, Small in size, Light in weight, Selected high quality materials for steady and reliable characteristics, Technical data conform to International Standard ISO4064
At low zone is ±5% from minimum flow rate (qmin) to transitional flow rate (qt)(exclusive boundary)
At high zone is ±2% from transitional flow rate (qt) to overload flow rate (qs)

M-BUS converter is with M-BUS and USB interface, which is collected with M-BUS meters and meter reading primary station separately. The communication with M-BUS meters is based on tree collection. The M-BUS converter has 6 M-BUS channels, which is controlled by the principal computer to change the channel, supporting data transparent transmission and sending reading orders through USB collection. The max quantity to collect with the meters is 360pcs.

A thermostat is a component of a control system which senses the temperature of a system so that the system's temperature is maintained near a desired setpoint. The thermostat does this by switching heating or cooling devices on or off, or regulating the flow of a heat transfer fluid as needed, to maintain the correct temperature
A thermostat may be a control unit for a heating or cooling system or a component part of a heater or air conditioner. Thermostats can be constructed in many ways and may use a variety of sensors to measure the temperature. The output of the sensor then controls the heating or cooling apparatus. A thermostat may switch on and off at temperatures either side of the setpoint. This prevents equipment damage from frequent switching.


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