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Product Type  : Mechanical heatmeter PCB

Product Detail:

Non-magnetic heat meter electronic module calculates the flow rate by inductance sensors which responses the signal 

changes that is covered by the wheel movement in the fluid with the exchange of the metal and non-metal parts for the 
wheel. The temperature sensors (PT1000) measure the time temperature from the inlet water temperature and outlet water 
temperature. The heat meter electronic module can calculate the heat from the time temperature, the flow rate and 
temperature data which is put in the heat calculation formula.
Single jet non magnetic heat meter electronic module adopts the MSP430F413 as the master controller with the advanced 
non-magnetic technology, which has the characteristics of high accuracy, low power consumption, more information on the 
screen and much more expandability.
•  Low power consumption
•  High accuracy
•  Small volume
•  LCD display
•  Anti-magnetism
•  Anti-corrosion; Moisture proof
•  with remote interface
•  with the standard CJ128-2007 and JJG-2001

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